И тогда я решила каждый день пить чай в четыре часа
I sought her eyes and shaking chest
Like there were coming war or pest,
She fell on knees choking and yelling
And pressed her palm against her belly,

She lied in tears in pool of blood,
She cried for arbalest or sword.
I've poured her some nobel booze,
But what was soberness to lose?

"There is a wild horse to tame,"-
She said, - "And shame and aim and blame."
So we've called Fran (I hope he's real)
To claim the wealth of our realm.

To take from Yeats some golden apples,
To sing with Keats his Songs of folks,
Convene all bards with glorious stances
To help her pride not know the fall.

Next day a herald came inquiering:
Will honour we the rocket firing
Or Miss and Madam shall forgo?
"Not Miss, I'm Lady N. Bilstraw."

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